Child Therapy

Here at Betty Eastman LCSW & Associates, we view childhood as a problem-free and exciting time when kids should be enjoying their lives and have little to no worries. When there are problems, children can be difficult to talk to and cannot always truly express their feelings. This takes away the peaceful vision of what childhood should be. With child therapy, we look to connect with the child and have them open up regarding their issue or concerns. 

Like adults, children can benefit from therapy. Child therapy will help children develop problem-solving skills while also aiding them to learn the value of seeking help when they need it. It can also help children and their families when they are overwhelmed with stress or when dealing with emotional, educational and behavioral issues.

Child Therapy Approach

When working with your child, we use the three primary therapeutic approaches: cognitive (thoughts), psychodynamic (feelings) and behavioral to help your child deal with issues that concern him or her. Thoughts, behaviors and feelings interact with one another and must work in balance to achieve a good mental health. 

Other factors come into play, such as your family background, culture, faith, spirituality and past experiences. Finally, there is empathy. It is important that your child understands that nothing he or she is feeling, doing or thinking is beyond our understanding or concern.

Life events can cause stress

There are many life events that can cause stress leading to a child’s problems with behavior, school performance or sleep disturbance. Perhaps a parent has left on a military deployment or there has been a death in the family. Separation or divorce may have resulted in the child acting out. It’s not always apparent what the cause of a child’s change in mood or behavior is, but parents should trust their instincts, even if the child cannot verbalize the problem. 

Signs that a child may not be coping vary from child to child as well as by their ages. These may include: bedwetting, tearfulness, social withdrawal or isolation, depression, biting or hitting and a change in appetite or sleep patterns. Mood swings, substance abuse, physical complaints despite a normal physical exam by your doctor, a drop in grades and excessive absenteeism or tardiness can also be factors.

Not only do we work with your child in our office, but we also advocate for their educational needs, so that they are receiving the special help needed in the classroom. Below you will find out contact information should you have any questions or would like to schedule a child therapy appointment.

If you have questions about child therapy or would like to schedule a counseling appointment, call Betty Eastman, LCSW & Associates, Inc., at (757) 868-0072.

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