Couples Therapy

Conflict is bound to happen in all relationships. When conflict becomes overwhelming and communications break down, couples therapy can help relationships get back on the right path. 

Couples therapy helps by giving couples the tools to communicate better, settle differences and problem solve. You will learn to argue in a more productive and healthy way!  

Setting Goals for Couples Therapy

If you and your partner engage in constant conflict, poor communication, power struggles, betrayal, or sexual difficulties, you can benefit from couples therapy. By focusing on agreed upon goals, couples can be aided in healthy communication, conflict resolution and cooperative goal setting. We also help with other issues that couples are struggling with. 

Couples therapy can be short term fix, lasting only a few sessions. However, you may need months of therapy if your relationship has deteriorated where many sessions are needed to help resolve the problems and issues. This is determined by the couples and advised by the therapist. 

Many items contribute to problems in relationships such as illness, sex, infertility, finances, differences in child rearing, blending two families, substance abuse, among many others. Couples therapy will help resolve these issues and heal wounds in a healthy and productive environment. With a therapist, many couples develop a more intimate, satisfying and healthy relationship. Learning skills from the therapist can help the relationship continue to grow after therapy has ended.

Stronger Marriages

Some couples may seek therapy even when there’s nothing wrong. Couples are willing to make their relationships stronger by strengthening the bonds between them. Marriage counseling can help couples before they get married to help achieve a deeper understanding of each other and work out their differences before walking down the aisle. By reacting before issues develop, couples can work through the pains and come out stronger.

Ending relationships

In some cases, couples may decide that they do not wish to continue their relationship. In that case, couples therapy can help you understand yourself and relationship better. People will grow from the experience and make good decisions for your future, especially if you have children to consider. By discussing the issues in a healthy environment, couples can end the relationship with a clear understanding.

Domestic violence

Couples may need help in cases of domestic violence or abuse. It is important to know that if violence has escalated to the point that you are fearful for the safety of yourself or your children, you should contact the police or Transitions Family Violence Center

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