Ease Your Anxiety

Anxiety Can Be Healthy But It Can Also Make You Feel Like a Hot Mess

Even though anxiety is often a healthy emotion, it can make you feel like a hot mess if it seems to be your constant companion. There are 40 million people in the United States who live with an anxiety disorder. When you enter a room, do you feel like people must be talking about you? You quickly scan the room to see WHO is using YOU as their topic of conversation. Or maybe for you, it feels like you can’t trust anyone. Do you feel broken, out of place or like you don’t belong? A certain amount of anxiety is the body’s way of indicating there’s danger. But when you live with an anxiety disorder the alarms you feel such as a racing heartbeat or sweating aren’t only about life or death matters. It’s worrying about being judged for how you talk, walk, eat, stand, who you speak with and more! Anxiety can make you feel like a hot mess at work, in your relationships and in all other areas of your life. Are you under the influence of anxiety? It’s hard to break away. I know. I’m Betty Eastman, a licensed clinical social worker with my own private practice. I’ve worked with women like you for more than 20 years who want to escape the binds of anxiety that leaves you a hot mess in its wake. I’ve got good news for you! There are ways for you to regulate your anxiety and other emotions so you can live the life you want and deserve. You just need the tools!

Select Your Thoughts Like You Select Your Clothes Each Day

I invite you to try this quick tip to start reeling in your anxiety and begin turning your {hot mess} life around. Pay attention to your negative thoughts. When they start to invade, YOU can eliminate them. Turn those negative thoughts around. When you walk in the room and your mind chatter starts to throw out negative thoughts such as, “They’re all talking about me. They don’t think I should be here.” Instead, take control of the situation and say, “I am here, and I fit in.” You can choose healthy thoughts. You control your mind chatter. What will you choose to fill your mind with today?

Support to Ease Anxiety

I know you’re incredible, but it’s simply unrealistic to think you can just flip a switch with NO HELP and ease your anxiety. What is realistic is for you to learn the tools and skills you need within a supportive community.